Miretti und BYD bieten ExStapler an

The BYD forklift trucks, converted by Miretti, have all arcing and sparking components modified or replaced and all surface temperatures are limited as required. Static surfaces are addressed including the driver seat and trucks are supplied with all electrically conductive tyres. The trucks forks are also clad in stainless steel anti-sparking material. Trucks are supplied with explosion proof working lights and reverse siren with other options available on demand. The truck conversion includes Miretti advanced technologies to help simplify maintenance and maximise uptime. Details of the explosion protection conversion are as follows; The BYD truck Ex converted by Miretti (II 2G IIB T4  – II 2D IIIC T200°C) is in compliance with the new EN 1755:2015 standard, mandatory from November 2017.

  • Lithium Battery “Ex d”
  • Traction Motor and Pump Motor “Ex e”
  • Inverter “Ex q”
  • Solenoid valves / Sensors / Fan / Horn “Ex m”
  • Working Lights “Ex d”
  • Lights “Ex m”
  • Antistatic Wheels & Antistatic Seats

The original BYD lithium battery has been Ex converted in a “Ex d” enclosure in compliance with EN60079 0:2012/A11:2013 / EN60079-1:2014 / EN60079-31:2014 without compromising the footprint of the BYD unit nor altering its operation. www.miretti.com, www.bydforklifts.com

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